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i'm just bad news.

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I fawking GOT you [21 Nov 2012|07:50pm]
And you look like a baby back bitch.

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Does anyone still check this? I kind of miss it. [21 Nov 2012|08:56am]
If you're alive out there, this and variations thereof are pretty much what I've been up to. Vid life.

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my last article for the Vanguard, "Fear & Loathing At Bonnaroo" [09 Aug 2010|01:36pm]
They (whoever they are) advertise Bonnaroo as an experience, and that it is. What was my first Bonnaroo trip contained some of the worst and greatest moments in recent memory, and I tend to have a lot of both.

Living in the middle ground is for the barely living. I, in good conscience, couldn’t cover an event like Bonnaroo without experiencing it in the way the average attendee would.

To avoid possible issues with things I may have ALLEGEDLY done, I will henceforth use the word cattywhompus. Cattywhompus is defined as disarray and seems more or less appropriate for the trip’s adventures. It quite simply would have been irresponsible not to be irresponsible.

I was somewhere outside of Centeroo when the cattywhompus began to take hold. My second full day of Bonnaroo was coming to a close and I was hot, hurtin’, and tired.

The best way to remedy it was picked up along the mile walk from camp to Centeroo. I decided that the Bonnaroo lifestyle would either kill you or turn you into a psychedelic Bear Grylls if you lived every day like it was Saturday in Manchester.

I looked down for a second and spotted the Thursday edition of the Bonnaroo Beacon, tattered and smeared with mud, and it pulls me back to the beginning of the trip I neglected to start from in the first place.

I arrived in Manchester, Tenn., at about 8 a.m. Thursday, well ahead of traffic. I start toward Bonnaroo.

I can actually almost see it. It was the closest I’d come to seeing Bonnaroo for more than 10 hours. This would be what they call a “low point.”

A cop was directing all traffic onto the interstate and away from Bonnaroo. The radio DJ would eventually politely explain that Manchester received so much rain the night before that it was slightly flooded; they were doing everything they could to make the Bonnaroo mud drivable. This polite update would not stop me from hating him.

Friday morning, I open my eyes at 7:30 to find them being punched in their little eye faces by light.

I am covered in sweat with a certain girl wrapped around me. This would come to be a watermark of the ‘Roo experience, as you simply cannot sleep past 8 a.m. because it gets so incredibly hot.

I could talk about the music but it was quite secondary to the experience.

I missed half the bands I cared about seeing, but wandered upon many more I’d never heard of because I was too hot and tired to walk across Centeroo. Bonnaroo was more about how much abuse you can take and still keep going while listening to whatever jam band or indie sensation you happen to be walking by on the way to find some way to cool off.

When in Rome you must do as the Romans, but at Bonnaroo you must cattywhomp and wander around. Just not during the day, or you might die; yes, cattywhompus did just evolve into a verb.

You take the good with the bad and that’s Bonnaroo, because the experiences you miss make way for the ones you never saw coming.

You will meet folks, cattywhomp with them, and never lay eyes on them again. You will walk eight miles a day. You will wander the humid Bonnaroo nights with an appreciation for all the lights you probably shouldn’t normally have.

It’s a coin toss. It’s an experience. For better or worse, it’s Bonnaroo, and I would probably do it all over again.

Maybe with a hotel room though. Nah. But maybe.

Oh yeah, and one last thing to take away from Bonnaroo: Stevie Wonder still got it. Just saying.

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[17 Nov 2009|06:41pm]
oh, the awesomeness of me.

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[19 Sep 2009|07:24pm]
jesus fuck.

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my favorite lyrics from the new brand new, part 1. (for my own benefit, not yours) [18 Sep 2009|08:52am]
There’s a lake,
and at the bottom you’ll find all our friends.
They don’t swim cause they’re all dead.
We never are what we intend, or invent.
‘Cause I make little lies and then I pull them apart,
think there's something dark living down in my heart.
And if I wanted to die before I got old,
I should’ve started some years ago digging that hole...

A deer that a hunter shot in the heart
and some dogs that got hit by cars
All came to spill their guts.

When the army had to hold the line, you were nowhere near the front
Before the kids could tell the dog goodbye, you were loading up your gun
I want to know what is the great divide
I want to know what Ive become
You think that no one else is lonesome, you think that you're the only one

Well I wish that I was as good as you
Caring and trusting
And I wish that my condition was new
But I'm old and rustic
So we just hurry up,
Just to wait
Add to the list of all the places we hate
Now I pretend like I got something to say
But I've got nothing
Now I know that you stole
Yeah, you stole
From the cradles they were rocked in
You took the first words that they spoke
Yeah, you stole
Yeah, you stole
So if I'm a liar and you're a thief,
At least we both know where the other one sleeps
So let's end this tonight.

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[09 Aug 2009|01:58pm]
ladies and gents, my mind is telling me no.

but my body, well, my body is telling me yes. i mean, cause i dont want to hurt nobody, but there is something that i, must confess.

i dont see nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind. i just dont.

(storm and crash without a sound)

[08 May 2009|12:35pm]
schools out. im about to start working 9-5 every day for my dad, then bartending the nights away. this is also the summer for me to get in herculean shape. im getting a gym membership and going to work out every morning at 7 am for 1.5-2 hours, then going to work. i found the routine hugh jackman used for wolverine, and its going to suck but im going to stick with it.

(storm and crash without a sound)

im suprised i even posted 8 entries this year [10 Dec 2008|04:03pm]
since i didnt have enough posts, this is my best of... for the year.

february: this is the poster for my upcoming zombie trailer that shall be coming straight to the internet.


april: i probably wont go down in history, but i will go down on your sister.

that's actually the entire entry.

may: basically, all women are treacherous, but that's my conundrum because i love all women. I'd even make a run at you, if i wasnt loyal. which i am.

october: take that. rewind it back. urrrsherr got the voice to make ya booty go, WAP.

november: obama sucks. mccain sucks. politics are one big ass blast.

i'm pretty quotable, non?

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good goddamn [09 Dec 2008|02:30pm]
done with school. wipped its ass WHILE working 134545234524 hours a week.
im tired as hell.
i would like a drink. or 50. seriously.
i entertain old women for money.

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[05 Nov 2008|12:13pm]
alright, so what i said last night was a bit extreme, i was pretty drunk, etc.

what i think, and i think this optimisticly, is that a man with very little poloitical expierence will have trouble fixing the massive problems with our country today.

but good luck to him.

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[04 Nov 2008|09:39pm]
obama sucks. mccain sucks. politics are one big ass blast. with obama were probably going socialist. plus he has very little expierence. with mccain, we have bush part trois, and an awful running mate. even though shes hot. either way, things arent looking great. obama will probably win. god help us all.

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Writer's Block: Neuromancer [01 Oct 2008|09:49am]
Happy birthday, Neuromancer! Since its publication 24 years ago, William Gibson’s visionary novel has influenced everything from technology to pop culture. What other novels have had such an unexpected impact?
how bout anything by h g wells? the first men in the moon predicted the spaceship, not to mention he also predicted the tank and the nuclear bomb...

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i remember when lj wasnt a blog, it was an online journal. [19 Apr 2008|01:35pm]
i probably wont go down in history, but i will go down on your sister.

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[23 Feb 2008|11:20am]
this is the poster for my upcoming zombie trailer that shall be coming straight to the internet. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket whadaya think?

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not only did we embarass marky mark, but we let down the funky bunch. [09 Apr 2007|08:59am]
first entry since august. the end of august at that. christ.

well, here's the lowdown.

the happy hole was fun as a party house, but now it and i move into the last half of our relationship gracefully, as a home. no more huge parties. not too many more shows. ok, maybe a couple more parties before it's all over, but few and far between.

it'll be nice to have things more on the quiet side. in other news, out of the clusterfuck that is tenacious d, has been born tenacious 3, which is josh, wes, and i. should be a lot of fun. those shows we'll play at the hole, but it'll only be friends at those anyway.

annndddd, tonight marks the beginning of benji and i's zombiemoviewritingprocess. you cunt's get ready, cause its gonna turn your brain to shit, then make you passionately vomit said shit into a zombie mouth.

prepare for glory my friends.

ps. grindhouse is amazing.

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its been a long time livejournal, OR SHOULD I SAY HOORHAY ESTEVEZ!?!? [15 Aug 2006|05:06pm]
[ mood | back. ]

i like my subject lines to read like they could be minus the bear songs. so here's whats going on:

i write for the university of south alabama's school newspaper, the vanguard, in the entertainment and opinion sections.
i think next summer i may get an internship at the mobile register.
im working at panda haven, delivering chinese food, which oddly enough, is mostly cooked by 3 mexicans called The Amigos.
3 old ladies in a brand new caddy pulled out in front of me last week and i freaking tboned 'em.
theyre all ok, so am i, but looks like im about to get a new hood, front bumper and paint job, maybe, if my car isnt declared totaled.
i had some great blueberry nugs last weekend. deeelicious.
cursive is coming to birmingham in november and i am all over that shit.
im hanging out with linfuck and lunchbox and maybe beer face today.
i really want the buffy box set. i havent watched buffy in yearssss.

and yeah everybody, lifes good. i miss you fucking guys. diana, shauna, sam, francine, ann, its been too long. hope everybody is well.
and if you read this before i call you, we are going to the mall today linFUCK.

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dead. [15 Apr 2006|01:50pm]
this is my 500th and probably, final post.

well everybody, i'm just gonna be honest and say what's on everybody's mind.

livejournal, is dead. and myspace, the vain fucker, killed it. out of all the people i know on here, local and everywhere else, hardly anyone posts here anymore.

busier schedules, yes, im sure we all have them, but it doesnt change the truth.

livejournal is dead.

i'll miss you man.

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its true though... [09 Feb 2006|02:26pm]
<td align="center"> skoda --

A person with a sixth sense for detecting the presence of goblins

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

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[24 Dec 2005|01:57pm]
it's been a good week. except for that whole car ordeal. and bootie's ticket. other than that, good week. now if you'll excuse me, i have to SHOOT FER DER MOON.

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